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Han, Xiaolan: Tiananmen Gate Tower symbolizes the Chinese system
Date: 1/10/2018 6:01:42 PM Sender: Han, Xiaolan
Han, Xiaolan: Tiananmen Gate Tower symbolizes the Chinese system
韩晓岚(Han, Xiaolan)
A well-known overseas Chinese modern history writer once said that as long as the head of Mao Zedong in the Tiananmen Gate is hung there, China will not be free from the dictatorship of the Communist Party and will not become a normal country.
Because Mao Zedong is the symbol of the Communist Party of China and the founder of this one-party authoritarian country.
This statement is undoubtedly correct.
Although Mao Zedong led his comrades to lay down the country and rule the People’s Republic of China, he later came to claim to be the modern Emperor Qin Shihuang, who said madly that “monks can’t stand without umbrellas”, starved to death tens of millions of innocent Chinese farmers and executed millions of Chinese intellectuals. The Chinese people have brought huge disasters.
People who know Chinese history can hardly accept Mao’s head hanging on the tower.
In fact, thousands of years of history of the Chinese nation have produced many outstanding figures. They can be hung on the towers of Tian’an Tower to propagate patriotic education to the people, show their integrity, and promote traditions. For example, Sun Yat-sen, a modern politician who overthrew the Qing Dynasty to establish the first republic of Asia, can Tiananmen hung his head.

Han, Xiaolan
January 10, 2018

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