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Han, Xiaolan: I am really worried about the bad consequences of the new coronavirus
Date: 3/12/2020 2:04:07 PM Sender: Han, Xiaolan
Han, Xiaolan: I am really worried about the bad consequences of the new coronavirus
韩晓岚(Han, Xiaolan)
In October 2019, the new coronavirus was first released in Wuhan.
The new coronavirus is similar in nature to SARS, however, the infection is more widespread and the harm is more intense.
At the beginning of December 2019, doctor Li Wenliang and eight others warned on the Internet. In order to create a prosperous landscape, the Chinese Communist Party sent police to warn the whistleblower eight gentlemen. It also instructed CCTV to deer the horse and frame Zhongliang and ruin the public.
There are rumors that the New Coronavirus Department of the Wuhan Virus Laboratory of the Communist Party of China has inadvertently leaked it, causing harm to the world and to the end.
The CCP has exhausted all its assets, and it is still insufficient to compensate the people of the world for their losses.
The truth of the new coronavirus is currently being traced around the world! Obviously, another disaster in the world is coming. I really hope that the world can be peaceful, people can be happy, and people can be kept away from turmoil.

Han, Xiaolan
March 12, 2020

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