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Li,Tongtong: “June 4th” historical position is getting stronger and stronger
Date: 3/13/2016 4:38:00 PM Sender: Li,Tongtong
Li,Tongtong: “June 4th” historical position is getting stronger and stronger
The role of the "June 4th" incident in the process of China's modernization is undoubtedly, its historical position has been completely determined, and the people will always miss the dead martyrs who devoted themselves to China's freedom and democracy, and the "Twenty-eight" incident in Taiwan The "Gwangju" incident in South Korea and the "August 8th" incident in Myanmar, as the most important page in the process of modernization of the country, are included in the annals of modern Chinese history.
Tiananmen Square will set up monuments and stones to show the martyrs’ heroic names, for people to pay tribute to, and the country will also create a holy place, set up sacrifices, display relics, present materials, record deeds, promote education, and inspire future generations. It is listed as a national holiday, and commemorative activities are held every year to remind the people that they will never forget.
Although the Communist Party of China, the perpetrator of the "June 4th" spirit, still controls the power, manipulates public opinion to distort the facts, reverses the black and white confusion, and attempts to misinterpret the "June 4th" and even forgets the "June 4th" and stubbornly refuses to be "June 4th." "Comprehend Zhao Xue completely.
However, after more than 20 years of continuous development since June 4th, China has undergone tremendous changes. Not only have people’s awareness of human rights unprecedentedly increased, but the Chinese Communist Party’s high-level leadership has also been divided. China’s democratic process will start sooner or later, including All the historical events of the Chinese Communist Party, including the "June 4th", are not far off.

March 13, 2016

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