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Li,Tongtong:China’s economy has developed but its culture is backward
Date: 11/16/2016 6:43:38 PM Sender: Li,Tongtong
Li,Tongtong:China’s economy has developed but its culture is backward
In recent years, China's economy has developed rapidly, becoming a world power, but its culture is relatively backward. It is still a feudal autocratic ideology, rejecting universal values, lacking tolerance and humility in public morals, lacking modern civic consciousness and rational humane fairness and justice.
The CCP advocates adherence to four basic principles, three representatives, party command guns, etc., which completely contradicts the modern democratic political culture and is ridiculed by the international community.
Competition among countries, cultural strength determines victory and defeat, without the support of advanced culture, the country will quickly collapse and collapse in the event of social unrest. The former Soviet Union is an example.
The reason why the United States has become the center of people’s longing for the world has attracted immigrants from different countries, different nationalities, different religious beliefs, and different political ideas (and even attracted high-ranking officials of the mainland’s dictatorship, second-generation, fifth-century, and leftist immigrants), Not only because the United States has an advanced democratic system, a sound society ruled by law, an affluent economic and social security, a developed education and scientific research, a clean natural environment, etc., but also because of the American culture and the corresponding lifestyle. It is the most attractive place in the United States.
This culture of rational humanity, based on universal values, respect for life, equality and freedom, justice and integrity, tolerance and forgiveness, mutual assistance and fraternity, is the most advanced culture in the world today and the strongest national strength of the United States.

November 16, 2016

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