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Li,Tongtong: China’s trade unions have been reduced to the authorities’ tools of rule
Date: 6/15/2017 2:49:47 PM Sender: Li,Tongtong
Li,Tongtong: China’s trade unions have been reduced to the authorities’ tools of rule
Trade unions in most countries of the world belong to workers’ own organizations and have strong independence. They truly represent the interests of workers and protect their legitimate rights and interests.
In the modern industrialized society, in the face of powerful employers, the workers belong to the weaker side and are often subjected to exploitation and oppression, so they are forced to organize to protect themselves.
Although they are lonely, after joining the union, workers can find their own ownership. Once the interests are damaged or they have the right to claim, individuals do not have to fight alone, they can always solve the problem through their unions, and their influence or power is much greater, so Problems and contradictions can also be easily resolved.
However, the trade unions in mainland China have long since disappeared and become the ruling tools of the CCP’s tyranny.
Trade unions at all levels have become a functional department within enterprises, party committees, and governments, and senior personnel of enterprises, party committees, and government organizations appoint labor unions under strict control. There is no relatively independent organization and action.
Most of them only carry out symbolic small welfare distribution and entertainment activities at certain festivals, and they do not represent the interests of the majority of employees. In fact, they stand on the government’s standpoint and help the government rule the society. Whenever the workers’ interests conflict with the government Trade unions always stand on the side of the government and ask workers to make sacrifices in the name of the country, rather than on the side of workers, like trade unions in other countries, fight for the rights and interests of the weak.

June 15, 2017

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