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Li,Tongtong: The Communist Party of China is still practicing the world
Date: 7/7/2018 2:55:27 PM Sender: Li,Tongtong
Li,Tongtong: The Communist Party of China is still practicing the world
The family world has a history of thousands of years in China, and it is still practiced on the mainland.
The world is a kind of ruling governance. The ruler treats the people as if the parents treat the children. The father’s order must not be violated. The juniors should obey the elders.
The people are slaves. Freedom of speech and democratic rights are completely deprived. The government is like a master, relying on violence to rule the country.
Under the system of home and world, a huge bureaucracy has formed, with its own special interests, parasitic on the social body, exploiting folk wealth, bullying and humiliating the people, and living a corrupt life.
There is now such a privileged group in mainland China. The Chinese Communist Party’s noble families, the government bureaucracy and the owners of state-owned enterprises are colluding with each other.
In particular, the gap between the rich and the poor is widening, social injustice is deteriorating, and the confrontation between the government and the people is becoming increasingly fierce, and social revolutions can break out at any time.

July 7, 2018

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