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Zhou, Lan: The relationship between civil rights and state power
Date: 3/13/2017 3:47:17 PM Sender: Zhou, Lan
Zhou, Lan: The relationship between civil rights and state power
周岚(Zhou, Lan)
When talking about the confrontational relationship between the government and citizens, we should clarify the rationality and inevitability of the confrontational relationship between civil rights and state power.
And emphasized that this is the logical starting point to establish a constitutional concept from confrontation to balance to promote China's modern constitutional reform.
The prerequisite for the confrontation between civil rights and state power is the requirement to protect private lives and property belonging to the civic realm.
That is to say, citizens demand that everyone be equal before the law against official power and hierarchical status.
In the article "On Government", he criticized the autocratic monarchy and believed that people must unite in a "civil society" to defend freedom. The government power in "civil society" is limited to the power of people in the natural state.
Another article "Social Contract Theory" came into being on the basis of natural law. It is compatible with philosophical humanitarianism and legal entitlement, confirming that talents are the main body and purpose of the country, and the country should protect the basic freedom of people, otherwise citizens Has the right to overthrow his government.
This theory has provided a theoretical basis for citizens to fight against state power.
How to resolve social conflicts? How to balance civil rights and state power? It is the orderly development of society and the establishment of a democratic social system, which is a common problem faced by the international community. Existing democratic countries and non-democratic countries also show very different social scenes.

Zhou, Lan
March 13, 2017

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