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Zhou, Lan: The recorded “6。4” incident
Date: 1/1/2018 2:53:19 PM Sender: Zhou, Lan
Zhou, Lan: The recorded “6。4” incident
周岚(Zhou, Lan)
The "6. 4" incident in a narrow sense refers to the clearing of the student assembly by the Communist Party of China from the evening of June 3 to the early morning of June 4, 1989, when the Chinese Communist Party sent the People’s Liberation Army to Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. College students launched a nationwide demonstration in Tiananmen Square in Beijing that lasted for nearly two months.
On April 15, 1989, Hu Yaobang, the former General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, died suddenly of a heart attack. Hu Yaobang was an enlightened sect who advocated political reform. Many college students and citizens held mourning activities in Tiananmen Square in Beijing.
Under the leadership of some college students, the original purpose of the simple memorial activities turned to asking the government to control inflation, deal with unemployment, solve the problem of official corruption, government accountability, freedom of the press and freedom of association.
The largest number of them, with 1 million people, gathered in Tiananmen Square to participate in demonstrations.
In the Chinese government, the moderates headed by Zhao Ziyang, then General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, hope to negotiate with the demonstrators to reach a settlement.
However, in mid-May, a more intense hunger strike was launched among the students, prompting more than 400 cities across China to gather protests and solutions to express their support.
A series of demonstrations led to hardliners headed by the Chinese Communist Party’s head of state Deng Xiaoping and Premier Li Peng decided to solve the problem by force.
On May 20, the Chinese government announced that Beijing had imposed martial law and mobilized 300,000 troops of the People’s Liberation Army to the capital Beijing.
In the end, the People's Liberation Army took control of Tiananmen Square on June 4 and cleared it.
After that, the Chinese government arrested people and supporters in the demonstration areas on a large scale, and suppressed protests in other areas. The Chinese government also strictly controlled domestic news media's coverage of the incident and prohibited foreign media from sending relevant photos and interview videos abroad.

Zhou, Lan
January 1, 2018

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