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Zhou, Lan: China‘s Internet has become a government brainwashing tool
Date: 8/10/2018 6:03:17 PM Sender: Zhou, Lan
Zhou, Lan: China‘s Internet has become a government brainwashing tool
周岚(Zhou, Lan)
The emergence of the Internet is to enable people to learn more about information and the truth more comprehensively and simply.
However, in order to prevent the Chinese people from knowing the truth, the Chinese government's technology to block the Internet is world-class. A large number of facts prove that the Chinese government not only strictly intercepts Internet information, but also uses severe methods to block the Internet.
In recent years, it has not only implemented a censorship system on the Internet, threatened and forced some Internet companies to sign Internet information censorship treaties, but also implemented a real-name system for individuals, and deleted improper comments as soon as they were discovered.
The Chinese government keeps saying that it implements "rule by law," but it uses harsh methods to suppress online speech and use harsh methods to block the Internet. Under these conditions, where does China's online freedom of speech come from? How can people's freedom of speech be guaranteed?
Chinese society urgently needs to open the Internet and open up freedom of speech. Only in this way can it be beneficial to the communication between the people and the government and the people.
We solemnly call on the Chinese government to stop improper censorship of the Internet, fully open the Internet, and open up freedom of speech.

Zhou, Lan
August 10, 2018

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