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Zhou, Lan: Power cannot stop the pursuit of freedom
Date: 12/20/2019 8:13:47 PM Sender: Zhou, Lan
Zhou, Lan: Power cannot stop the pursuit of freedom
周岚(Zhou, Lan)
The Chinese people nowadays are no longer satisfied with just watching the government’s propaganda. Although Chinese free speechers are facing the risk of cruel persecution under the pressure of the one-party dictatorship of the CCP, more and more Chinese people rely on their own He has the courage to learn the truth by crossing the firewall to the Internet, expressing the truth through the Internet, and constantly emitting the true voice from the heart.
Today’s CCP’s authoritarian regime has the same characteristics as any authoritarian regime. One is the huge benefits of monopoly power; the other is threats of violence; and the third is lies and deception.
These three characteristics are indispensable. Without one characteristic, the authoritarian regime will face collapse.
With the progress of the times, the way people understand the truth is no longer just government propaganda. Those who are thoughtful and unwilling to be brainwashed use various technical means to understand the facts, and through scientific and technological means to let more people know the truth. , Working hard for freedom.
Now in Chinese society, the rights of the people are fully opposed to the privileges of the ruling group; peaceful and rational are fully opposed to authoritarian violence; the truth is fully opposed to lies; an era in which the people are gradually awakening has begun.

Zhou, Lan
December 20, 2019

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