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Wang, Lianzhu: President Kennedy advocates civil rights
Date: 3/28/2018 3:54:27 PM Sender: Wang, Lianzhu
Wang, Lianzhu: President Kennedy advocates civil rights

王连珠(Wang, Lianzhu)
The active struggle of the black people and the broad support of white people enabled President Kennedy to firmly believe that the time for the federal legislation on civil rights was ripe.
The ongoing resistance in the South has also made it clearer than ever before that the federal government must act immediately.
In June 1963, the Governor of Alabama, Gorge Wallace, denied two black students from attending Alabama State University. Under the federal control of the Federal National Guard, black students were guaranteed to enter the school safely. President Kennedy seized this opportunity to express his position in a clear and timely manner. On June 11, he expressed support for the civil rights movement on state television.
He reviewed the history and status quo of the ethnic issues in the United States and expressed his basic point of view: Only when all American citizens are free, can the entire United States be able to obtain true full freedom. In his speech, he said:
As a nation and a nation, we are faced with a moral crisis. We can't deal with repressive police actions; we can't leave it behind and cause an ever-increasing demonstration on the street; symbolic action and speech can't be stopped. It is time in the Parliament, in your state and local legislature, and more importantly, in the daily lives of all of you.
Abandoning the three-year riding attitude, Kennedy finally invested his presidency and political future in civil rights.
In the same month, he made several proposals to request that Congress pass a wide range of legislation, including ensuring the right to vote; declare illegal segregation in public facilities; prohibit racial discrimination in recruitment; and strengthen the federal government in prohibiting racial discrimination. The authority and role of the Sex Project Fund; the establishment of community relations service agencies to deal with ethnic relations and conflicts; and the creation of a new, more comprehensive nationwide voter registration system.
This is the great thing that President Kennedy advocated for civil rights.

Wang, Lianzhu
March 28, 2018

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