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Zhou, Lan: To Develop a Sound Democracy
Date: 4/12/2018 5:57:13 PM Sender: Zhou, Lan
Zhou, Lan: To Develop a Sound Democracy

周岚(Zhou, Lan)
Schumpeter, a political economist of the nineteenth century, once thought that democracy is nothing more than a system in which people regularly elect political leaders to rule.
According to this statement, ordinary citizens have no clear concept or cleverness on most topics. They do not have the ability to rule or participate.
This is a good reminder to remind us that we should rethink the true value of democracy. Democracy is not easy to come by, and it can never be completed in a short time or in some staged form.
True democracy requires the active participation of the people and fosters civic awareness and democratic quality.
Otherwise, citizens only have the right to vote, but they ignore the meaning behind them. If they know it but they do not know why, it is impossible to complete a sound democracy.

Zhou, Lan
April 12, 2018

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