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Yang, Li: Different views on the “Protection of Heroes and Martyrs”
Date: 4/30/2018 6:05:26 PM Sender: Yang, Li
Yang, Li: Different views on the “Protection of Heroes and Martyrs”
杨莉(Yang, Li)
The "Protection of Heroes and Martyrs" passed by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on the 27th declared that insulting, slandering or otherwise infringing on the names, portraits, and reputations of heroic martyrs require civil liability or public security management punishment; Be investigated for criminal responsibility.
In this regard, Internet watchers said that such a law can be introduced, any one of the so-called heroes, models, or an ordinary person, he will have good and bad aspects, will do something wrong.
Today, people are not allowed to question the so-called heroism.
Internet observers: What is the definition of this law? As long as you criticize his mistakes or question some of his dark sides, then you are illegal.
The CCP claims these so-called positive characters as perfect people without any shortcomings. Those negative characters are promoted as evil villains.
Some people believe that this effect on humanity, culture, and the fragmentation of society is a fool of Chinese society and people.
Li Jianfeng, presiding judge of the economic court of the former Intermediate Court of Ningde Fujian Province, said: "Yao is itself a fictional thing. You do not ask anyone to question it. This shows that it is a tool for fooling the people and brainwashing. These idols that are shaped represent the will of the CCP." It is hoped that people will follow their idols to worship them and follow their example.
There are really different opinions.
Of course, it is right for the society to advocate respect for heroic martyrdom.

Yang, Li
April 30, 2018

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