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Qi,Bo: How far are we from the legal system?
Date: 5/28/2018 5:05:06 PM Sender: Qi,Bo
Qi,Bo: How far are we from the legal system?
How far are we from the legal system?
Two recent events have aroused heated debate among Chinese netizens: one is that Guangdong physician Tan Qindong was accused of harming the reputation of commercial reputation by trumpeting a so-called national wine “Hongmao Liquor” on the Internet and was arrested by police in Inner Mongolia’s Liangcheng County. , He was detained for three months and was finally released on bail under the pressure of strong public opinion from the media.
Another thing is that the financial media reporter Liu Chengkun has been accused of shooting the Yili Group for writing the novel "Outstanding Wulan". The police in the city of Hohhot were taken away from Beijing on charges of seeking trouble and blasphemy.
After Tan Qindong came out of the Liangcheng County Detention Center, he told the news media that he would not regret writing an article, but he should not be treated like this.
On April 24th, Liu Chengkun’s handwritten note was sent out. Liu Chengkun said in the note that “I don’t think I am guilty in this case. The reason is that the novel is an art and a fictional work. I don’t have anyone to blame, and it does not constitute defamation”.
Just because he published an article on corporate goods, he wrote a novel and he was suspected of being hit by a company. The doctor and the reporter were arrested by the public security department of the company across the province.
Is this country still a legal country? Is this society still a society ruled by law? Why is public power abused by companies? Can human rights be so trampled?
Is there a law that must be followed, law enforcement must be strict, and the law must be investigated? Is it just a slogan? How far are we from the legal system?

May 28, 2018

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