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Nan, Quanyi: Protection of Human Rights is Unconditional
Date: 6/18/2018 6:16:47 PM Sender: Nan, Quanyi
Nan, Quanyi: Protection of Human Rights is Unconditional
南泉一(Nan, Quanyi)
Protection of human rights is unconditional. Why is it so?
Because the purpose of democracy is to protect human rights and protect human rights is unconditional, and humans must have human rights.
There is a close relationship between human rights and democracy, both of which have similarities in content. Democratic polities are conducive to human rights protection, but they are two different movements. It is believed that the realization of human rights must be supported by a democratic system, and the human rights movement may be in a situation as complex as the establishment of a democracy.
No matter what kind of social system, the protection of human rights is unconditional.
For a democratized or non-democratic government, human rights protection and democratic systems can be relatively separated.

Nan, Quanyi
June 18, 2018

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