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Xu,Qing: The meaning of freedom
Date: 7/7/2018 5:46:11 PM Sender: Xu,Qing
Xu,Qing: The meaning of freedom
The origin of freedom is very interesting. Naturally, the freedom nowadays, people's cognition has become more profound and perfect.
The essence of liberty is autonomy, but in the case of a power relationship between people, the autonomy of the master includes power against slaves, while the autonomy of slaves includes resistance against the master's power.
Therefore, the same is true of freedom. The freedom of the master and the freedom of the slave are completely opposite, zero-sum, one-or-one, and cannot be compared.
From the point of view of origin, the concept of freedom does come from the West, but it is from the Western aristocracy.
The 13th century British Magna Carta was regarded as a milestone in liberalism. However, the freedom of the barons who signed the charter from the king included the slavery power against the serfs in their territory.
Freedom without these powers is meaningless.
From the Magna Carta to the so-called "British freedom" of the Victorian era in the 18th century, the essence was exactly the same. People only saw the freedom of the British relative to their kings and governments, but ignored the other side of these freedoms: against slaves and colonies. The slavery of the people.
In fact, how big is freedom, how big is slavery.
Of course, people's understanding of freedom now has different meanings. It has a broad social significance, and it also has the progressive significance of human society. It also uses people's daily life.
The current meaning of freedom is a concrete embodiment of the social and political system. People generally pursue freedom.

July 7, 2018

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