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Wang,Yini: Discussing democracy
Date: 6/28/2018 5:47:02 PM Sender: Wang,Yini
Wang,Yini: Discussing democracy

Earlier, democracy as an ideological concept is a reflection of democratic practice and institutions in the field of ideological ideology; democracy as a political system is used to solve major social problems, that is, to adjust and determine between different classes, strata and groups. The relationship of interest, the core of which is economic relations.
In contemporary society, the democratic system is still the means to adjust the interests of various classes or strata, especially the emergence of a deliberative democratic system, which better solves the problem of the neglect of the interests of vulnerable groups.
In ancient Greece and ancient Rome, the ideas and practices of democracy were the slave owners and nobles of the time. In the period of industrial revolution, the initiators were the emerging capitalists and their representatives.
The most crucial separation of powers and balances in democratic thought and practice is also the product of reconciling social contradictions: the purpose of separation of powers is to ensure that the interests of different classes and groups in the bourgeoisie can be expressed and realized, and power is prevented. The monopoly is to achieve the balance of interests within the producers; and the majority of the decision-making principle is the democratic electoral system. The electoral system can reflect the idea of "sovereignty in the people" in the Western value system.
The idea of "sovereignty in the people" is also proposed to oppose the "sacred power of the monarchy" and the plundering of social resources by the privileged class. This is also the ideological struggle weapon of the emerging bourgeoisie against the privileged class at that time, which easily arouses the people's resonance and becomes a society. The mainstream ideology.
The democratic system is the adaptive system of today's society, and the democratic system can guarantee the human rights and freedom of the people.
If the Chinese people need to protect human rights and freedoms, they need to build a democratic China.

June 28, 2018

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