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Wang,Yini: Social stability requires a constitutional system to protect
Date: 7/13/2018 7:12:25 PM Sender: Wang,Yini
Wang,Yini: Social stability requires a constitutional system to protect

The stability of society requires a constitutional system to guarantee that everyone understands this truth and can not be implemented in China.
In the absence of a constitutional guarantee in China, the contradiction between the government and the people has been greatly intensified. The police can only become a tool to safeguard the privilege of the government. Therefore, it must stand at the forefront of such conflicts and become a direct confrontation between citizens and groups. Object.
This not only requires institutional design, but also introduces a system of checks and balances: it is necessary to let power fight against power, and to ensure that rights can fight against power and form the legal normality of official and civil rights governance to reflect and demonstrate social justice.
Justice is the foundation of social stability. The system of justice relies on the internal logic of constitutional government to form a mechanism.
This kind of mechanism can make all kinds of rights and powers have their own advantages, and let all violations of powers be punished, so as to fundamentally alleviate the violent conflicts between the government and the people.
Justice should be the sole guiding principle of constitutional politics and social change.
China needs to establish a complete constitutional system! To protect the rights of the people!

July 13, 2018

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