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Zhang, Jinglei:CCP tyranny
Date: 8/16/2018 6:19:02 PM Sender: Zhang, Jinglei
Zhang, Jinglei:CCP tyranny

张惊雷(Zhang, Jinglei)
CCP tyranny Mao, Zedong said: "It's a joy when fighting people." The tyrant loves the struggle, he endlessly launching political movements, creating terror, and trapping the whole people in the bloody storm of "combat against the enemy" and "eliminate the enemy." Time, energy, and national strength are all devoted to make people's life miserable, and the struggle has ruined tens of millions of lives and destroyed culture, morality, and faith. Indiscriminate killing, under the tyranny of the CCP, continues. During the Cultural Revolution, there were three murderous massacres in the mainland. Tan hecheng, a writer, specializes in investigating the Dao County Massacre and combining the investigation report into a book, The Myth of Blood. The massacre began on August 13, 1967, mainly targeting landlords, rich peasants and other "black five" and their children. There are various methods of killing, including shooting, knife killing, sinking, killing, alive, sticking to death, ropes, fire, explosives and so on.

Zhang, Jinglei
August 16, 2018

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