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Wang,Yini: The early generation of democracy
Date: 9/9/2018 4:50:50 PM Sender: Wang,Yini
Wang,Yini: The early generation of democracy

Democracy emerged with the emergence of the state. Like many political phenomena, it also has a process of development and change.
The ancient Greek Athenians created the term democracy (democracy or demokratia). This term comes from the combination of the Greek word demos (ie the people) and the Greek word Kratos (ie, rule).
The original meaning of "democratia" is "the power of the people", which means that the people rule and govern the state directly or in accordance with regional elections.
From this we can see that the word democracy is linked to politics from the time of its creation.
In the democratic politics of Greece, the Athenians' democracy was the most important and famous known at that time and today.
It has an unparalleled impact on political philosophy.
In the course of historical development, it was often seen as the earliest example of citizen participation in politics, or as some people said, participatory democracy.
The Athenian government is complex. At the heart of this government is an institution called a citizen assembly, and all citizens have the right to participate.
The Citizens' General Assembly elects some important officials, and all citizens who meet the eligibility criteria are entitled to equal opportunities for election.
Although some Greek city-states have joined together to build a less developed representative government for unions, alliances, and confederations (primarily for common defense), little is known about these representative systems.
They did not actually leave any traces of the ideas and practices of democracy, and, to be precise, did not leave any traces in later representative democracy.
Therefore, although the democratic political system of Greece was innovative in their time, it was completely abandoned in the development of modern representative democracy.
Democracy that people now demand, a democratic system with human rights significance.

September 9, 2018

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