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Liu, Yongbin: Let me talk about human rights (6)
Date: 10/11/2018 4:05:13 PM Sender: Liu, Yongbin
Liu, Yongbin: Let me talk about human rights (6)

刘用斌(Liu, Yongbin)
The development of human rights is the human right.
The "right to development" was first proposed in 1970 by the UN Human Rights Commission member Kaba Mubaye in a speech entitled "The Right to Development as a Human Rights" and immediately received strong support from developing countries.
In 1979, the 34th session of the UN General Assembly confirmed in resolution 34/46 that the right to development is a human right, and the opportunity for equal development is the natural right of each country and the natural gift of the individual.
In 1986, UN General Assembly Resolution 41/128 adopted the "Declaration on the Right to Development", which comprehensively explained the basic content of the subject, connotation, status, protection methods and ways of realization of the right to development.
Human rights are developing, the times are developing, human beings are progressing, and human rights are developing.
The 1993 Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action reaffirmed that the right to development is an inalienable human right, thereby making the concept of the right to development more comprehensive and systematic.
While striving for good personal development, the right to development also emphasizes the new concept of “collective human rights”, which means that all countries and nations can enjoy equal, free and friendly exchanges and cooperation, and equal opportunities for development.
The right to development: strongly reflects the dissatisfaction of developing countries with the international order established by developed countries and the demands of international fairness and justice, and even reveals a considerable communist color, which naturally becomes the confrontation of human rights in the international community today. Focus.
Human rights are developing, and the concept of human rights is believed to develop with the development of the times and will be upgraded to the level required for human development and humanity.
We must establish a human rights development concept.

Liu, Yongbin
October 11, 2018

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