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Shao, Yixiao:Why does the Community Party of China fear freedom of speech?
Date: 9/20/2018 5:38:54 PM Sender: Shao, Yixiao:
Shao, Yixiao:Why does the Community Party of China fear freedom of speech?
邵一校(Shao, Yixiao)
The Chinese authorities are afraid of freedom of speech. In the eyes of those in power, freedom of speech is a savage beast, and it is definitely not a good thing. In China today, freedom of speech is as scarce as oxygen in sea water.
Freedom of speech is the most basic element of a democratic society, in democracies such as Europe and the United States, everyone can freely express their own political views, and they can speak for their own interests, at the same time, they will listen patiently to other’s opinions. “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death you right to say it”, the famous saying of Voltaire, the famous French enlightenment thinker, philosopher and writer in the eighteenth century, has perfectly explains the spirit of freedom of speech. However, nowadays the Chinese authorities do not allow any remarks that contradict their opinion, at the same time they unlawfully suppress the free speech of the people and madly persecute the dissidents who criticize them. This is the embodiment of authoritarian dictatorship, completely contrary to the spirit of liberal democracy.
The community party of China (CPC) authorities should clearly understand that the Chinese people have the right to freedom of speech, because freedom of speech belongs to the basic human right category. The government must not trample on it at will. The Chinese government’s practice of restricting people’s freedom of speech violates the spirit of democracy and human right; The Chinese government’s practice is not only futile but also unwise, this madness must be corrected immediately.

Shao, Yixiao
September, 20 2018

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