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Shao, Yixiao :Fighting corruption is a sure way of boosting public trust.
Date: 10/16/2018 3:42:36 PM Sender: Shao, Yixiao
Shao, Yixiao :Fighting corruption is a sure way of boosting public trust.
邵一校(Shao, Yixiao)
China is a county ruled by Communist Party of China (CPC), the corruption of CPC officials has developed into a serious social problem today. The corruption of CPC officials is not partial or individual, it is ubiquitous, from inside out, from upside down, and it has penetrated into every aspect of the society. Overall, this corruption issue has constituted a major obstacle to the sustained and stable development of China’s social economy.
The corruption of the Chinese communist regime is the result of the high concentration of political power of the CPC, the political system of CPC’s one-party dictatorship in China is the root cause of corruption among officials, the issue of corruption cannot be eradicated without reforming China’s current political system. China’s anti-corruption laws and regulations have new tricks every year, and corrupt CPC officials are arrested regularly, but corruption in CPC is still not curable, the key lies in the current political system. Without democratic system, without multi-party political system, without fair and independent media supervision, the CPC’s anti-corruption is just temporary solution. In the long run, the public will lose trust in the government; people will become lack of confidence and security in their life. Chinese government officials behave like they are above the law, without democratic elections and independent media supervision, CPC officials’ corruption will only intensify; Corruption is infringing on the basic interests of ordinary Chinese people and increasing the cost of living for the public. The growing corruption problem proves that China’s political system is in urgent need of reform, for this reason, only by reforming China's social system, ending the one-party dictatorship of the CPC, and realizing democratic freedom and the rule of law can we effectively suppress CPC’s official corruption.

Shao, Yixiao
October 16, 2018

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