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Wang, Jinping: Very early on, there is a common prosperity concept
Date: 10/19/2018 6:47:19 PM Sender: Wang, Jinping
Wang, Jinping: Very early on, there is a common prosperity concept

王金萍(Wang, Jinping)
Just as there is a concept of democracy in Confucianism that complements the concept of freedom, there is also a concept of democracy in Taoist ideology that complements the concept of freedom. It is summarized as the concept of the subject of democracy and the concept of Confucianism. It is to affirm the fundamental status of the people in the country, stress that the state must rely on the people to exist, and the ruling party should serve the people, so they can all be included in the category of "people as the country" and be regarded as the concept of "people as the country". Two forms.
Consistent with the democratic political ideal of "people as the country", Confucianism and Taoism also have their specific concept of human rights. This is first and foremost manifested in the fact that both Confucianism and Taoism have paid attention to the solution of the people's livelihood.
Confucius, who is sure that "rich and expensive, is what people want; not by their way, not where they are", certainly advocates "first rich and then teach" to the people, and opposes heavy taxes in order to achieve the goal of "enriching the people." It is required to implement the policy of “convergence from its thinness” and believe that the true “king of the king” is “boss of the people who can benefit the public”, and Mencius also believes that those who “govern the king” should have the ambition of “saving the people in the fire”. And put forward the specific Wang Zheng measures such as "management of the people and constant production", and the scorpion is based on the recognition that "the poor are poor, the rich is rich", and that "the world will have more than the world." "Insufficient sorrow", according to this, in order to achieve "up and down rich" and "Ming Master must cultivate their harmony, the festival, the source, and the discretion", and the "light field field tax" The policy of the city of Pingguan, the number of provinces and merchants, the number of merchants in the Han Dynasty, and the lack of time to win the farm, is to advocate "not to be good, to make the people indisputable; not expensive goods, so that the people are not stolen; Desire, so that the people's hearts are not chaotic, and want to "dexive their hearts, the real belly; weak their ambitions, strengthen their bones.
The old man who often makes the people ignorant and ignorant, so that the husband knows that he does not dare to be "the rule of the saints", in fact, also has the goal of ruling the country and political ideas of "people's self-improvement". Specifically, "'self-rich' is Because the 'sages are always good for saving people' and 'no need to abandon people', 'always save the good' and 'no waste' and achieve a relatively adequate and balanced social wealth, this is the common prosperity of Laozi's "small country and widowed people" social ideals. This kind of common prosperity is not the full flow of social wealth, so that it can reach the kind of 'healthy common prosperity' that can be allocated as needed or allocated on demand, but the social wealth is limited but can meet the survival needs of all members of society. Enough to make them not to eat, not to wear, not to hold on, and all of them feel good to eat sweet, well-dressed, live comfortably ('Ganqi food, beautiful clothes, Anqiju') Type common prosperity'.
This kind of 'satisfaction and common prosperity' is the core content of the 'self-equal' society that Laozi wants to create according to the 'natural' principle. It means not only solving the survival problems of all members of society, but also realizing their balanced sharing of social wealth. . ”

Wang, Jinping
October 19, 2018

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