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Qi,Bo: Talking about the Power under the Autocracy
Date: 9/11/2018 4:33:10 PM Sender: Qi,Bo
Qi,Bo: Talking about the Power under the Autocracy
During the confrontation between the Chinese Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party, some people came back from the CCP’s Yan’an study, saying that the Communist Party was simpler and cleaner than the Kuomintang. Song ,qingling said that it was because they had not paid their rights.
What is the taste of power?
It is power that can bring all kinds of benefits and satisfaction.
Through power, more money and enjoyment than professional income, more beauty and desire, more arrogance and high above, more "truth" aura and support, more killing and enslaving others.
When power can bring it all, it is hard for someone to resist his temptation.
The greater the benefits of power, the stronger the temptation of power, and the more intense the battle for power.
The power struggle under the autocratic system follows the rules of the jungle, the winner is the king, and the loser is the embarrassment.
As long as power can bring such benefits, chasing power is the embodiment of human instinct.
The former Chinese Railway Minister Liu, Zhijun once asked the lawyer to bring his words to his daughter. Do not go to politics and tell her to stay away from power.
Then will his children listen to him? The answer is not necessarily.
In the Cultural Revolution launched by the Chinese Communist Party, there were also many "decisive powers" who were defeated. Do they have to confess their children in prison to not go to politics? I believe that they must be able to gain insight into the dangers and the impermanence of the officialdom.
But when they are rehabilitated, one of them can stay away from power, let alone their children.
The so-called "red second generation" and "official second generation" are not the common phenomenon of the officialdom?
Compared with power, power is more than a hundred times better for people. Seeing the prevalence of domestic money and money transactions, corruption has become a disaster, and a few privileged families have dominated political decisions. Even if power is full of blood and sinister, few people reject the temptation of power because of sin.
Once power is not bound, once it is abused, it will be crazy.
A leader in China, in order to personally swim in the mountains, actually expelled thousands of other tourists; a principal, using power, actually looking for young female students to open a house (referring to engage in sexual relations); a city in Chongqing, China The CCP officials, in order to cover up the crime and reach the upper level, actually poisoned and killed under the cover of power. What are these madness? According to research, the crime rate of officials is several times higher than that of civilians. It is not that the morality of officials is lower than that of civilians (of course, the morality of officials is higher than that of civilians), but that officials hold power and unconstrained power expands them to near Crazy.
What are the primary functions and tasks of the authoritarian regime? It is to defend the power.
Stalin, the supreme leader of the former Soviet Union, was called "the murderer". He killed political opponents, killed the marshals, killed the generals, and killed the rich peasants. All those who might endanger their power status would kill.
The use of power to pursue interests can make people crazy, and in order to defend the power to gain benefits, it is even more crazy. Why did North Korea engage in "first army politics"? When the ruler of an authoritarian state fears that power is taken away by other people in the country, and that it is taken away by foreigners, and that it is desperate to go to the "first army," power has gone crazy.
Absolute power is absolutely corrupt, which is actually not comprehensive. Absolute power is absolutely dark, absolute power is absolutely crazy. It is exactly what we should do to completely transform power and let power be used correctly under supervision.

September 11, 2018

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