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Qi,Bo: How far are we from the legal system (2)
Date: 10/25/2018 6:35:01 PM Sender: Qi,Bo
Qi,Bo: How far are we from the legal system (2)
Sun, Shihua, a lawyer from Guangdong, China, worked at the Hualin Police Station in Guangzhou on September 20. He was violently treated by the CCP police. He was not only accused of “attacking the police” but was asked by the policewoman to take off his clothes and was illegally detained for seven hours. It was not released until 11 o'clock in the middle of the night.
After returning home, she went to the police station with her husband and called the police 110.
According to Sun, Shehua husband and wife, Sei, Muqing, they came to the Hualin Street police station in Liwan District, Guangzhou, and asked 110 to send a police officer to the police station of Hualin Street police station to arrest Sun Shihua’s lawyer and then illegally detained the case. .
The wiring police officer said that he would send someone, and said that he would not send someone. When he said that he would report to the leader, he would not go to the police.
Since they called 110 and insisted that they be dealt with according to law, the supervision of the Public Security Bureau of Liwan District sent police to dispatch police.
By October 20, 2018, Sun Shihua’s insults had caused great concern in all walks of life. The incident had been happening for a month. The police in Guangzhou’s Tsuen Wan refused to admit that police officers in subordinate police stations violated the law and violated regulations. In fact, in addition to insisting on not broadcasting live video recordings, two witnesses were arrested on charges of impunity, and Li, Xiaozhen, the client’s client’s client, was placed under house arrest for “surveillance”.
In recent days, news about Sun Shihua’s infringement was deleted on the Chinese network, and multiple accounts were banned. Even the behavior of arresting two witnesses was threatened and threatened by the authorities. Sun Shihua’s husband Husband Mu Qing’s WeChat The public number was also permanently blocked by the Chinese authorities.
It is no accident that the CCP police abuse power and illegal violence.
The facts of internal supervision caused by external alarms or complaints in China are almost ineffective. The Ministry of Public Security's proposed "Public Security Organs to Maintain Civilian Police Enforcement Authority Regulations" has turned the internal supervision of public security into a de facto "police rights protection center."
The inaction of the police and the courts in China on police abuses and illegal violence has further encouraged them to misbehave.
In a socialist legal system, is it a slogan that "there are laws to follow, laws to follow, law enforcement to be strict, and law violations to be punished" is the basic policy and requirement for the construction of the legal system. Is it just a slogan?
Such a relatively civilized first-tier city in Guangzhou is still the case, not to mention other small cities with backward legal systems. I would like to ask: How far is our country from the legal system?....

October 25, 2018

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