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]Yang, Yongqing: Exploring the Relationship between Confucianism and Democratic System
Date: 5/4/2018 2:13:01 PM Sender: Yang, Yongqing
Yang, Yongqing: Exploring the Relationship between Confucianism and Democratic System
杨永清(Yang, Yongqing)
Explore the relationship between Confucianism and democracy.
In several places, he talked about Jiang Qing, a mainland scholar who was known for his "political Confucianism."
Jiang Qing’s criticism of Hong Kong and Taiwan’s new Confucianism is unrealistic, because the Confucianism of the mind-based nature cannot establish a democratic system, not to mention that he believes that China should not adopt Western democratic systems at all.
The criticism is based on his neglect of the Neo-Confucian criticism of the democratic system. Therefore, they mistakenly recognize that they will accept the Western system in their entirety, but they do not respond to the challenge. Is the neo-Confucian democracy different from the non-Confucian country?
If so, how can we reflect Confucianism and make Confucian political ideals become China's constitutional reality? However, if it is different, is it considered a democratic constitutionalism? These institutional issues, in fact, still need to be further explored by all parties, so that everyone can understand whether Confucianism is a contribution or a burden to Chinese democracy.
Just as the CCP used to operate migrant workers in the first place, if a country’s people want to eat chicken, the central government must decide that this country is too pitiful!

Yang, Yongqing
May 4, 2018    

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