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Yang, Yongqing: Deceived by the CCP for a lifetime
Date: 10/29/2018 4:15:34 PM Sender: Yang, Yongqing
Yang, Yongqing: Deceived by the CCP for a lifetime
杨永清(Yang, Yongqing)
Feng ,Guangyuan talks about feelings.
"I went to the United States to speak, and I also took the time to take the subway to see Chen ,Weiyin's game. I met several Chinese female tourists in the subway. They looked like high-level intellectuals. They lived very well and were quite old. They When I talked about the United States, one of them said, "Hey, I have been taught for a lifetime, I know that I have been deceived for a lifetime." Feng ,Guangyuan lamented that if he had a little understanding of politics and humanity, he would not be able to believe in the Communist Party, but the Chinese have long been Deception, only when you are exposed to democracy, you know that you have been cheated.
Feng ,Guangyuan pointed out that, similarly, after the so-called reform and opening up, many people went to study in the world. The democratic freedom they saw there, realizing what is real human rights, and therefore many people choose not to return to China; Some people must return to China under certain "reasons" or go back based on patriotism. They are the promoters of changing China.
Feng ,Guangyuan said that in the past, during the period of Ma Ying-jeou's reign, the CCP believed that Ma Ying-jeou was in the middle, so he opened up many Chinese to visit Taiwan. In addition, there is no barrier between Taiwan and Chinese language, so many Chinese people know what democracy and freedom are. The fruits and seeds are brought back to China.
"The Chinese have long been oppressed by the CCP and have no freedom and human rights." Feng ,Guangyuan emphasized that there are too many factors of internal uneasiness in China. There is no human rights, freedom of speech, and the society is rich and poor. The surface seems to be stable, but the voice of the people will sooner or later. China and China share the worst way to "lead" China. China's democracy will come sooner or later. "The CCP is smarter and smarter than the whole Chinese. Too many people hate the CCP."

Yang, Yongqing
October 29, 2018

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