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Liu, Xiongchuan: The specific process of nationalization of the Chinese military
Date: 11/2/2018 6:50:26 PM Sender: Liu, Xiongchuan
Liu, Xiongchuan: The specific process of nationalization of the Chinese military
刘雄传(Liu, Xiongchuan)
In 1946, the Constitution of the Republic of China repeated the contents of the resolution of the CPPCC, clearly stipulated the nationalization of the military, and the military exceeded the principle of the political party: "The national land, sea and air force must go beyond the personal, regional and partisan relations, loyal to the country and protect the people." (Article 138) and "any party and individual may not use the armed forces as a tool for political disputes." (Article 139) Based on this, when the National Government was preparing for constitutional duties as a caretaker government in 1947, In accordance with the constitutional provisions and the Nationalization Procedures of the CPPCC resolution, the National Defense Commission set up during the Anti-Japanese War was abolished, and the National Army (which is not the abbreviation of the National Revolutionary Army at this time) was handed over to the Ministry of National Defense of the Executive Yuan.
It is particularly worth mentioning that in 1945 the Kuomintang had abolished the party organization in the national army. Although there were still many soldiers in the Kuomintang Central Committee, although they had party membership, they did not do party activities.
Later, due to the mobilization of the temporary provisions and the situation of martial law in Taiwan, the National Army resumed the Kuomintang party organization after moving to Taiwan, but after the demise of President Chiang Ching-kuo and the succession of Lee Teng-hui's abolition, the nationalization of the army was completely realized.
In 1949, the Communist Party of China established the People's Republic of China in mainland China through revolutionary means.
Since then, the party has absolute leadership over the military, that is, the so-called party command guns, and the nationalization of the military has become a means of "completely westernizing hostilities and differentiating China." This statement has not changed.

Liu, Xiongchuan
November 2, 2018

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