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Li, Jinfu: The United States has subverted the historical logic of the past 100 years.
Date: 3/13/2018 3:14:15 PM Sender: Li, Jinfu
Li, Jinfu: The United States has subverted the historical logic of the past 100 years.
李金富(Li, Jinfu)
Since the United States has been governed by its own "political correctness" principle, there has never been a US president who has dared to challenge all "political correctness" creeds for a long time, and the content of "political correctness" has increased in the eight years of Obama's administration. Further strengthening, finally entered a dead end.
Therefore, the extremes of the matter will be reversed, and the heavens will descend. The "anti-political correctness" will become the latest flag, and Trump will be born.
Columnist John White wrote on the "Russia Today" website, pointing out that Trump is nothing more than a "American that has ripped off the mask", a US that would have been the original.
He said, "The consensus of American political analysts is that Trump is a different kind of candidate, a morally and conceptually contradictory candidate against the White House and even the entire United States. If they really think so, it is a big mistake. Wrong."
"He treats his opponent cruelly and ruthlessly, greedily for his own success, and does nothing to win. That is to say, Trump is not a heterogeneous type. He is the typical son of the United States and the American dream, which is torn off the embroidery lace and gorgeous. The United States after packaging."
To understand why Trump can win by tearing off "embroidery lace and gorgeous packaging", first understand how the United States has put on "embroidery lace and gorgeous packaging" and dress yourself as a "political correct" pioneer.
Nietzsche said: "Extreme positions cannot give way to a moderate position, but will be replaced by extreme positions on the other end." The positive and negative cycle around "political correctness" is the historical logic of the United States for nearly a hundred years.

Li, Jinfu
March 13, 2018

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