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Li, Jinfu: The United States has won three flags of freedom, democracy and human rights.
Date: 5/1/2018 5:16:13 PM Sender: Li, Jinfu
Li, Jinfu: The United States has won three flags of freedom, democracy and human rights.
李金富(Li, Jinfu)
In 1904, during the heyday of imperialism, the British writer Joseph Conrad wrote a San Francisco financier, Holrod, in his book Nostrom. The typical imperialist representative declared: "We will give orders on everything - industry, trade, law, journalism, art, politics and religion; from Horn Point to the Gulf of Sulis, even beyond there. If the Arctic has something worth to get.
In this way, we are likely to get all the distant islands and continents in the world.
We have to manage things in this world, whether it is willing or not. The world has nothing to do with it. ”
This is the United States that has not yet been covered with "embroidery lace and gorgeous packaging." It is like this, naked hegemony, not so much "politically correct", and does not hold the banner of freedom, democracy, human rights in hand. Keep on.
But at the same time, we must also see that, as Dr. Kissinger said, the United States does have a deep tradition of idealism. This is a cultural orientation derived from the narrative of the Bible. It is believed that the land of the United States is what God calls "the promise." place".
Therefore, despite the fact that the origin is very brutal, the United States has always had the impulse to become the leader of the civilized world.
Undoubtedly, the three concepts of freedom, democracy and human rights are the three political philosophical concepts that have been the most influential in the history of mankind, fighting for the people, and most religiously appealing. Which country has won the hand, it is equal to Has an atomic bomb in international politics.
Therefore, whether it is out of the idealistic complex of American culture or the calculation of realism in American politics, it is necessary to bring these three flags to their own hands sooner or later.
Practice has proved that the United States has won three banners of freedom, democracy and human rights.

Li, Jinfu
May 1, 2018

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