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Jin, Zhushan: Discuss how to punish corruption
Date: 2/12/2018 5:09:57 PM Sender: Jin, Zhushan
Jin, Zhushan: Discuss how to punish corruption
金洙山(Jin, Zhushan)
The following questions must be considered carefully: First, corrupt officials can take 50,000 yuan from the unit safe, and they can be pardoned. The thief takes 5,000 yuan from the safe but has to be sentenced. What is the reason? If you can't explain it properly Then, the forgiveness of theft and other crimes is the inevitable logic.
The next question is: When corruption can be forgiven, which crimes can not be forgiven?
Secondly, it has been suggested that some corruptions are “not allowed to be investigated, cannot be investigated, not really investigated, not fully investigated”. “It’s not as clear and sneaky as it’s secretly clear.
Here, I don't want to explore the reasons for "no investigation, no investigation, no real investigation, no full investigation". What is the question: Will these problems end with the special corrupt officials? If the answer is no, then, in terms of curbing corruption, , Amnesty is equal to "white."
Third, the implementation of amnesty, much more greedy, the family property will be unprecedentedly rich; clean, still "nothing."
Will such a result make some people regret: knowing why not greedy?
Once someone regrets, once someone makes a wrong judgment about the country’s determination and ability to fight corruption because of amnesty, then wait for the next amnesty in corruption or become a choice for some people.
In recent years, anti-corruption has achieved certain results, but it still has considerable distance from the demands of the people.
This requires innovation in all aspects: full mobilization of the masses, specialized institutions to increase the intensity of work, the use of severe punishment "compensation" inevitably lacking ...
In short, one principle: to maintain "zero tolerance" for corruption. It is hoped that through the amnesty to influence corrupt officials, in exchange for their support for political reform, it is tantamount to seeking a skin with the tiger.

Jin, Zhushan
February 12, 2018

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