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Jin, Zhushan: China requires people to participate in government supervision
Date: 11/11/2018 3:13:47 PM Sender: Jin, Zhushan
Jin, Zhushan: China requires people to participate in government supervision
金洙山(Jin, Zhushan)
First, strengthen the establishment of internal energy efficiency mechanisms to prevent black lights. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, establish an internal supervision mechanism, clarify rights and responsibilities, implement supervision measures and methods, and do everything possible to prevent corruption.
On the one hand, it is necessary to implement the supervisory responsibility mechanism of the leadership, give full play to the supervisory and supervisory role of the leadership and implement the responsibility, and investigate and investigate the responsibility; at the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the mutual supervision of the cadres and workers, implement the reward and punishment system, multi-management and supervision of rights, and set up transparency. The openness of government affairs and the disclosure of rights and matters are open, so that every action and every item is run in the sun, there is no dead space, and no blanks are left.
Second, attach importance to the supervision of the masses and strengthen social participation. Information disclosure, process disclosure, and openness of matters, let the masses understand the specific processes and charges of each item in each department and the timeliness of the work, colleagues set up a reporting mechanism; at the same time set up an incentive mechanism to protect the interests of the masses, the government The image is not damaged, but also the effective promotion of various government affairs, so that the masses can participate in the government supervision in a safe environment.

Jin, Zhushan
November 11, 2018

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