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Lixia Wu:On the unfairness of education system in China
Date: 6/10/2018 5:10:14 PM Sender: Lixia Wu
Lixia Wu:On the unfairness of education system in China

After the founding of China, it was difficult for students in rural and remote areas to go to college. Only a few of students from the country and remote area can go to college, they are still ordinary universities. No wonder people say that college exams for children of farmers are harder than Chinese were in the imperial competitive examination ancient The reasons are as follows: First of all, the allocation of education resources between urban and rural areas is unfair. Rural schools were destroyed. Many school buildings are temporary and simple. Even some school desks and blackboards are not complete. Textbooks have also been printed. The level of teachers is quite different from that of cities. Second, the education resource distribution between the children of city officials and the children of ordinary people is unfair. The children of officials can go to good schools, which are well equipped and even have swimming pools and various balls places. However, in the schools which the children of ordinary people, only have small spaces for students to do the activities. Third, the allocation of education funds is unfair. The schools where the children of officials attend have enough education funding. However, education funding for ordinary schools, especially rural schools, is very low. Some people even owe teachers' salaries, which leads to teachers' dissatisfaction and normal teaching. All in all, the reason for the difference between urban and rural education in China is the result of one-party autocracy. Because local officials are not elected by the people but arranged by their superiors, they are only responsible for their superior organizations and do not think for ordinary people. Only by ending the one-party dictatorship and implementing democratic elections can we solve the unfair education system in urban and rural areas.

Lixia Wu

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