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Duan,Wenzhe: The Change of the Flag of Democracy and Freedom
Date: 8/8/2018 2:58:47 PM Sender: Duan,Wenzhe
Duan,Wenzhe: The Change of the Flag of Democracy and Freedom
The flag of democracy is slightly later than the flag of the Freedom Banner.
For quite some time after World War II, all socialist countries were called "democratic countries" and both held high the banner of democracy because they represented the ultimate realization of the people's sovereignty and the ideal of mass politics.
Western countries claim to be "democratic societies" based on their competitive electoral system.
Since the Cold War led to the split of the two camps, the "democratic state" represented the people's sovereignty, the people's state, the people's politics, and the capitalist sovereignty represented by the "democratic society", the capitalist state, and the politics dominated by the capitalists. .
At that time, the West had not invented the new doctrine of using universal suffrage for one person, one vote and the rotation of political parties as the only sign of democracy, nor did it dualize it.
The history of drafting the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights after World War II witnessed the situation at the time: the only weapon of struggle in Western countries was the "two-party or multi-party system", but the Soviet representative defended the Soviet system. The reason is: in today's Soviet Union, the capitalist as a class no longer exists, and the workers and peasant classes can take good care of their own interests under the Soviet system. Therefore, the creation of new political parties is not justified in the Soviet Union.
Conversely, when the representative of the Soviet Union proposed to include in the Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that “scientific development should serve progress, democracy and international peace” and replace “democratic society” in Article 29 with “ The democratic countries have been unanimously opposed by all Western countries and eventually rejected.
Because at the time people's perceptions, democracy and democracy were synonymous with the Soviet Union and all other socialist countries.
So it is not surprising that when the Soviet representative wanted to make a final effort, four amendments were proposed at the plenary session of the General Assembly after the adoption of the declaration, including the extension of the provisions on human rights, citizenship and fundamental freedoms to the Non-Self-Governing Territories. When the content of the "people" and "the inalienable freedom of expression and dissemination of democratic views" was taken for granted, it was taken for granted.
It can be seen that the development of democracy and freedom is also a complicated and arduous process.

August 8, 2018

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