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Duan,Wenzhe: The Relationship between People’s Sovereignty and Election
Date: 8/28/2018 3:00:56 PM Sender: Duan,Wenzhe
Duan,Wenzhe: The Relationship between People’s Sovereignty and Election
The proposal to write "the inalienable freedom of expression and dissemination of democratic views by everyone" into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proposed by the Soviet Union and other socialist countries. This seems to be like a world, what happened after that?
For this "theoretical war", Professor Yang Guangbin of Renmin University has a wonderful description in the recently published new book "Let the Democracy Go Home":
"In the face of the fierce socialist movement, that is, the mass rights politics, in the competition with the socialist countries, the western ideological community must transform and turn to demonstrate why its own system is democratic.
A wise man appeared - Xiong Peter. In Xiong Peter, the democratic theory of 'people's sovereignty', which is popular for thousands of years, has been transformed into a 'competitive election'; democracy is the process by which voters elect politicians to make decisions, and how politicians make decisions, How the legislation is legislated is not the scope of democratic politics.
In this way, Xiong Peter came up with a simple reversal: the traditional theory of people's sovereignty regards the people as the masters, and in him, the election process is the first, and the people are the masters. .
After several generations of Western social sciences, 'Bear Peter's Democracy' was the most complete and systematic elaboration and affirmation in Sartori's "New Theory of Democracy", and the "competitive election" as a two-point opposition. There are no fundamental criteria for democracy, some are liberal democracy, and none are totalitarianism or authoritarianism. ”
Xiong Peter published "Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy" in 1942, Sartori's "Principles of Democracy" was in 1962, and "New Theory of Democracy" was in 1987, it was during these three or four decades. After several generations of Western social scientists, the banner of democracy has also changed, and the United States and the West have put on the aura of democracy.

August 28, 2018

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