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Xie, Wenhong: New Trends in the Network
Date: 2/12/2018 7:36:45 PM Sender: Xie, Wenhong
Xie, Wenhong: New Trends in the Network
谢文红(Xie, Wenhong)
The new trend of the network Wu Mao is the network of the Communist Party of China. It refers to some people who have been bought by the authorities. They often use the Internet to register, use pseudonym registration, impersonate independent civil servants, express their opinions and support the Chinese Communist Party, and refute the criticism of the CCP. The illusion of support, beautify the image of the authorities.
In the past, the network was a single action, but recently there has been a new trend, that is, a large number of networks have gathered together to launch a massive attack on Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan or the South China Sea, safeguarding the CCP’s national system, and denounced the evolution of the West. Attempts to resolutely suppress the separatist forces.
The CCP launched the network five-major collective action, the purpose is to show the authorities' network mobilization force, to win the netizens who do not know the truth, and strengthen the status of the CCP.
However, this kind of network mobilization will also cause trouble to the CCP, because just like the Red Guards of the year, they will be screaming and screaming and killing on the Internet, which will inevitably lead to people's resentment, and they will also be disgusted with the CCP.
"The Communist Party members are made of special materials." In order to express the CCP’s consistent greatness, consistent glory and consistent correctness, the CCP media has been propagating to the outside world that Communist Party members are made of special materials, and Communist Party members are always suffering from bitterness. After that, I will always be willing to shoulder the hard work that the general public will not bear, and will never be privileged.
However, in the voices of the CCP’s propaganda machine, the people’s voices are completely opposite. The corrupt and corrupt people who use power for personal gains are all Communists. The extravagant and squandering of the land is the Communists. The shameless male thieves are also Communists. "This title has become synonymous with despicable filth.
The people of mainland China living under the CCP’s rule have developed a habit, that is, everything that the CCP is vigorously propagating must be reversed.
The CCP claims that Communist Party members are made of special materials and are advanced elements. People will know that Communist Party members are actually scums in the masses and bad people made of special materials.

Xie, Wenhong
February 12, 2018

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