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Xie, Wenhong: The differentiation of intellectuals in mainland China
Date: 8/1/2018 4:38:30 PM Sender: Xie, Wenhong
Xie, Wenhong: The differentiation of intellectuals in mainland China
谢文红(Xie, Wenhong)
Intellectuals in mainland China have differentiated after the June 4th Movement.
Most intellectuals choose to stay in the system, or retreat to the study, study historical Chinese studies and the wind and snow, or the vassal power to pursue wealth, and become the city of learning.
In the illusory sound of the "Chinese Dream," these intellectuals are increasingly separated from the times and are also separated from the people.
In addition, a small number of intellectuals are not afraid of harsh pressure, continue to fight, and plead for the people to serve their lives. They prefer to go to jail without giving up their ideals. They would rather hunger and cold to confess their wives and scatter, and they would not ask the authorities for alms, and show Chinese knowledge. The hurricane bone of the molecule.
There is always a small number of advanced people in a nation who are constantly striving to drive the entire nation forward. They are the hope of the Chinese nation.
When the process of democratization in China was almost stagnant after the "June 4th" period, there was no reason for people to feel pessimistic when such a group of people with lofty ideals struggled unremittingly.

Xie, Wenhong
August 1, 2018

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