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Xie, Wenhong: Authoritarian regimes will also change
Date: 11/11/2018 6:40:11 PM Sender: Xie, Wenhong
Xie, Wenhong: Authoritarian regimes will also change
谢文红(Xie, Wenhong)
Although China has recently emerged rapidly and even became the world's second largest economic power, it is far from being a real power.
It implements an outdated dictatorship, a bureaucratic group that monopolizes political power and social resources, and the fall and corruption of this group has reached an incorrigible point.
At present, in the Chinese society under the cover of false prosperity, the contradictions between the rich and the poor are becoming more and more deep. The whole country seems to be in a gunpowder barrel that is about to erupt.
In order to maintain political power, the CCP’s spending on maintaining stability has even surpassed military spending. It can be seen that the situation in China is gradually exceeding the control of the government. Once the internal and external crises are raging, a large-scale political collapse is inevitable.
Even if China looks like a strong economy, it is also a strong foreign country. It is difficult to truly maintain political power for a long time. The Western countries have grown steadily for a long time. One of the important reasons is because of democracy and freedom.
Feudal autocracy must inevitably die on the earth, and authoritarian regimes will change.

Xie, Wenhong
November 11, 2018

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