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Xie, Wenhong: Universal Value will eventually become the mainstream of human society
Date: 1/19/2019 6:42:02 PM Sender: Xie, Wenhong
Xie, Wenhong: Universal Value will eventually become the mainstream of human society
谢文红(Xie, Wenhong)
Universal values include democracy, the rule of law, freedom, human rights, equality, fraternity, etc., which are universally meaningful values in the long-term evolution of mankind, and the basic institutions stipulated by these standards. These institutional categories constitute the highest level of civilization that humanity has ever achieved, and any nation will gain such a final institutional evolution.
The universal value is not unique to capitalism. It is the common pursuit of human values. It is truly universal and can not be confronted by any civilization or religion.
The CCP’s attack on universal values is only beneficial to Western countries. It is used to subvert the CCP’s tools. China’s national conditions are different. Marxism-Leninism’s Mao and Deng ideology is China’s mainstream value. This is a nonsense language. Today’s national experience has proven that universal values It is advanced. Marxism-Lenin and Deng’s theory is backward. The advanced inevitability will eventually defeat the backward ones. It will not be transferred by the interests of individuals or political parties. The universal values will certainly be realized in China. Marxism-Leninism and Deng’s theory must be reduced to historical waste.

Xie, Wenhong
January 19, 2019

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