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Traditional opinion with human rights opinion
Date: 3/15/2006 10:57:56 AM Sender: Xue Xiede

                                            By Xue Xiede 03/23/05

            Traditional opinion with human rights opinion

      Human rights is a concept that derives from the west. Why didn’t it come from China, there are two kinds of understanding: one think that the Chinese traditional culture takes to make the doctrine tendency particularly, it is impossible for root to initiates the pedestrian power; Another standpoint think that in the ideal frame of the humanitarianism, the world is a commonwealth that Chinese traditional culture initiate, peoples is more enjoying leisure and harmonizes, the realization of human rights did not need to make an appeal to the rule of law and did not need to make an appeal to the aggro toward the right. Therefore, the Chinese ancient society did not produce the soil of human rights concept.

      The writer think that these are two kinds of to explain to all lose one-sided. The person's basic right to life include in the modern human rights concept, equally teach to teach the power and solidify to help the humanitarianism spirit of make the peaceful coexistence etc. content, in Chinese traditional culture, enrich very. The Chinese ancient sage and virtuous man  treatise concerning this aspect is rather many, such as" the personal does not want, not in person"," all person has no deceit" etc.. Although the Chinese ancient society did not put forward human rights concept definitely, the human rights idea of the definite existence morals method. Carry out because the influence of the morals factor, this kind of right idea thinks that the realization of the person's right ask for help from interpersonal mutually, love each other and let mutually, ask for help from the power of the wise gentleman the wise ruler.

      We can't deny traditional culture and the connection of human rights because did not initiate human rights definitely in the Chinese traditional culture,. Right of attitude should draw to take to thought the morals nourishment from the Chinese traditional culture, especially Confucianism of inside the value develops out as far as possible, make it with actuality life combine together, in the middle of inherit creative, at the time of pushing the traditional culture modernization, also push the development of the Chinese human rights.

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