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It Is Reasonable to Attack Chinese Communist Party
Date: 3/16/2006 10:01:21 AM Sender: Zhiqiang Wang

                                          By Zhiqiang Wang   9/13/2005

     It Is Reasonable to Attack Chinese Communist Party’s Autarchy

       There’s real need and responsibility only for things that exist in the objective world. On the other hand, things in people’s hearts don’t need to be responsible for because there is no need.

      Society is not natural fact.  Neither does it have objective nature.  It is neither eating nor drinking.  In addition, there is no itch or pain.  It has no perception.  It has no misery or happiness.  It does not consume.  Nor does it need interests.  It is responsible for satisfying people’s need forever.  It never asks people to sacrifice in order to make it.  From the beginning of human history to present time, the government changes from one generation to another.  What is the reason?  It is because when the connection principle of society can not hold responsibility for all people then it is natural that new connection principle will substitute old one!  Therefore, the history of human evolution is always about perfecting social principles without stop. Perfecting is improvement also, and it is deserting the old one and building new one.  It does not mean to be harsh to people and stabilize society.

      Although the society uses its function to be responsible for people,  the so-called state system is for function.  How to function?  Why it can not be attacked?  No matter the attack is big or small, it is reasonable.  As long as it is not perfect, people should attack it.  People are living for their owe life, not for political power. The meaning of life is itself, not the power.  People should criticize political power but not themselves.  Government, power, and system have nothing to lose, but only need to improve themselves to reach advanced level.  Consequently it is reasonable attacking the Autarchy of Chinese Communist Party.

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