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Chinese Communist Party is Senile and Moribund
Date: 3/16/2006 10:11:56 AM Sender: Zhenghu Piao

                                          By Zhenghu Piao  6/25/2005

           Chinese Communist Party is Senile and Moribund

      By nature a political party is not a physical person. It doesn’t have biological metabolism. Founded in the nineteen century, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in the United Sates are more than one hundred years old, showing no signs of senility. It is because none of them can monopolize the ruling powers. Instead they must campaign in the sense of fair play. The winning party becomes the ruling party and serves a term specified by law. When they finish the term they have to campaign for a new term. It forces the political parties to put in place the democratic mechanism which ensures the new talents and leaders will replace the old leadership in the campaigns against the opponents. So, for these types of political parties there is no risk of becoming senile

      For Chinese Communist Party it’s different. CCP monopolizes the ruling powers. No opponent is allowed to compete against CCP. Anybody who criticizes CCP is punished as criminal. The one-party dictatorship not only dampens the progress of the country, but also weakens the vitality of CCP.

      The longevity of Chinese Communist Party, eighty four years old right now, is beyond what people had predicted. But how many more years it can survive if it is trying to keep its dictatorship?

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