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Widespread Graft and Corruption
Date: 3/16/2006 10:16:58 AM Sender: Ling Xingju

                                            By Ling Xingju 8/16/2005

                              Widespread Graft and Corruption

      In China there is a joke about the widespread graft and corruption: If all the Communist Party officials were standing in a row, it would be long enough to stretch from the southernmost Hainan Island to the northernmost Heilongjiang River. Ninety nine percent of the people in the row committed graft and corruption.

      The top leadership of the Chinese Communist Party vowed to clamp down on corruption. The government even arrested several high-ranking officials, like Chen Xitong and Cheng Weigao, to show the public it is serious in this regard. However it failed to keep the rampant corruption in check. More and more officials fled to overseas with their illicit money.

      There is a saying in the political circles: the corrupt government officials won’t lose their jobs because of corruption, but their corruption will be exposed only after they lose their jobs.

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