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Carry on socialism,Whip the devil round the stump
Date: 3/20/2006 2:59:55 PM Sender: Yarong Xu

                                             By Yarong Xu 6/8/05

        Carry on socialism,Whip the devil round the stump
      Did we really scientifically get a clear understanding of socialism completely?Are we really carrying on socialism?
      The Chinese distinguishing feature socialism theory gives the answer to what is socialism and what constructs socialism, yet complete sense of socialism merely state to socialism nature ——liberation of productivity,develop production force,dieing out exploits,removing polarization,finally attaining richly together —— there is no genuinely getting a good grasp of socialism.

      As for the Chinese distinguishing feature ——Socialism market economy ——in reality,the private business universally embezzles part of what should be issued worker's pay and relieve the labour contract wantonly.  There is no social security system for the working class.  A great quantity of state-owned enterprises are sold out at prices far below their intrinsic value.  The polarization is obvious. 20% of the population own over 80% of the public wealth,80% of the population are in poverty.  

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