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The Method for Dictators to Oppose Democracy and H
Date: 3/24/2006 1:20:44 PM Sender: Yunhua Dong

                                             By Yunhua Dong 10/12/2005

     The Method for Dictators to Oppose Democracy and Human

       In order to stabilize the stolen nation power, let autarchy and centralized power suppress Mainland, China forever, continue to enslave Chinese people, and try to get a chance to expand overseas, Chinese communist dictators have applied a series of method to oppose democracy and human rights.  They do not spare using the violence to prevent people’s cry for democracy and human rights.  Their three main ways are: (1). Deprive ordinary people’s freedom of speech, publishing, press, and correspondence.  (2). Deprive ordinary people’s freedom of tong, meeting, and strike.  (3). Wholly occupy the generation of candidates in every level of power.   

       Although CCP did all the bad things, it has been able to dominate the mainland for half the century.  This kind of situation is relevant to the method of opposing democracy and human rights.

       The first two items of the above are the very barefaced tramp to Chinese basic human rights.  The first item is fool people.  Deprive Chinese people’s right of knowing the truth.  Becloud them, and make them benumbed and unresponsive.  Let them endure CCP’s slavery.  It has the obvious prevention nature in advance.  The second item is destroy people’s unification, avoiding “people war” in order to achieve the goal of fighting opposition parties one by one.

       Besides, the reason for CCP to have been able to directly control national machine and social management, doing whatever it wants to do, lies in its third method, which is wholly occupy the generation of candidates in every level of power from up to down.

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