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Truth-Speaking Citizens
Date: 3/27/2006 5:05:27 PM Sender: Zhengmao Lin

                                            By Zhengmao Lin 12/1/05

                                     Truth-Speaking Citizens

      In today’s China, the mass has realized that they need to defend their rights and interests. Still facing the coercion and cajolery by the authoritarian regime, more and more people in China are trying not to live in lies any longer. They have the courage to speak freely and speak truth. More and more people come out boldly, individually or in group, protesting openly against the regime that persecutes dissidents. Although the official media controlled by the Chinese Communist authorities ignore these people speaking truth with their conscience, the common people and overseas media praise and support them.

      Therefore, to strive for freedom, people must first to conquer the fear inside their hearts by speaking openly as an independent citizen instead of a dummy under authoritarian regime.

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