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Pay attention to migrant workers
Date: 3/27/2006 5:09:08 PM Sender: Zhongxin Fu

                                            By Zhongxin Fu 5/23/2005

                           Pay attention to migrant workers

     Currently there is a floating population of 100 million in China. Among them are 88 million plus migrant workers who moved from the countryside to the cities. The documents from the World Bank showed that the cheap labor of millions of migrant worker contributes to about twenty percent of the economic growth in China. However, migrant worker didn’t benefit from the rapid economic growth. On average migrant workers earn 500-600 yuan a month. For many workers, their real income after various deductions is below 500 yuan. They work thirteen or fourteen hours a day. Lack of safety measures leads to frequent casualties on work site. They don’t have insurance, housing allowance or pension. In many cases they don’t have a formal employment contract. They have to threaten with death the people who cheated them out of pay….The imbalance in the relationship between migrant workers and their employers is the most potential dangerous element of the social conflicts in China.

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