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The real progress for a party
Date: 4/6/2006 9:56:39 AM Sender: Jianzhong Wang

                               The real progress for a party

                                         By Jianzhong Wang 05/20/05

      We respect the history, cannot deny the Chinese Communist Party the rationality and progress which once had in the history. From 16th century the leaf to 20th century in the leaf, the socialism once was in the global scope one kind extremely has the charm to confuse thinks, moreover is manifesting humanity's progressive strength by its unique way. However, after the revolutionary victory establishes the party country system is the totalitarianism system, this kind of system has betrayed to the freedom, the democracy, the equality, the humanity and so on the happy thing pledge, politics, the economy, the culture, the society and so on all aspects authority from the landlord, the capitalist, the old government and in the general populace's hand seizes, entirely monopolizes in the party country official hand. How no matter the Chinese Communist Party member's original intention and the wish, this kind of unique authority monopoly do cause the party country rapid degeneration, proclaims "the public servant" to become the supreme master, "liberates the people" "the liberator" becomes the control which keeps aloof. Receives the consequence is the society unfair, the economical development slow, the official embezzlement is corrupt, political and the thought culture modernization advancement is broken. This kind of altitude authority monopoly system already energy band does not come in the sustainable development significance the efficiency, also the energy band does not come true fair.

       According to now the world international standard, the practice free democracy is any political party's progress manifesting. But in China, the sovereignty in the people, the political consultation, the freedom of speech and so on these entered the constitution the democratic political worldly value actually continuously aerosol in the Chinese politics sky, has not fallen surely changes into the Chinese people politics life solid. Investigates its reason, is precisely the party country leader to practices the free democracy again stubbornly to repel.

       Today, we will practice freely regard as will be weigh a political party advanced or not basic point and the agent, will be because will practice the free democracy is historical and the reality dual urgent request.

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