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The Strength of Chinese People
Date: 4/14/2006 11:18:17 AM Sender: Shuli Zhang

                                         By Shuli Zhang   10/3/2005

                             The Strength of Chinese People

       If those political figures have been educated by CCP for many years, they only know the CCP’s strength instead of the people’s.  It is extenuative to regard CCP’s strength as the people’s.  From every hurting and killing movement on people, has CCP lost?  No, never.  Outside CCP, people’s strength loses to the party’s totally.  The innocent souls are counted in tens of millions in Mainland, China; even within the party, no matter how high or low your position is, as soon as you do not fit in its interests, you become worthless like cats and dogs.  How much blood is immersed by the history of CCP’s power stealing!

       Do not think CCP will not kill people.  It will still kill people.  So far, “the strength of Chinese people” is writing on the internet anonymously.

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